Quantity vs Quality in Performing Civic Duty

There are things in life that you can’t have too much of. This is quantity. Then there are things in life that you long for, such as quality time. What can you do to make better use of your time? Think about it. It is your civic duty.


“Quantity Vs Quality”


Quantity on one hand is, an amount facility counted

Under a mathematical premise created

Equating all accumulated

So that we could know “how much”

Take quality on the other hand

It is accountability mounted

Onto craftsmanship demonstrated

Noteworthy and authenticated

As exceptional or without a golden touch

But what is better? It is quality or quantity?

Let me have what’s good for all and let it all be good

Even if it’s totally five-star beyond my prime…


…Which one would I choose? As for me I think I would

Choose quality over quantity every time


Tony Haynes