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Make an Impact – Nominate a Charity

At Civic Duty we are constantly looking out for charities and organizations that need a bit of help to continue achieving lasting change in their community and around the world, but with over 1.1 million charities in the United States alone, we need your help.

That’s why we encourage you to speak up and share with us the charities in your community that are enacting change that you believe are deserving of additional support. Whether it’s a charity that assists those with illnesses heal through the power of art like Smiles Through Art, an organization that helps provide homeless children with food and clothing like Love in the Mirror, or an initiative that is assisting the people of Darfur like STAND, these organizations have received our support because of people just like you reaching out to us and sharing the amazing work that these organizations are doing.

Help us continue to offer assistance to charities that are making a difference by nominating a charity.

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