News stories about people doing good things are common in all types of media. They are such a nice break from all the stories about war, disease, disasters and tragedies that we wanted to pass on a few of our favorites. We can all use a little more sunshine and happiness, right? Share them with your friends and family!

Lawmakers Stall on Environmental Legislation, While Voters Call for Aggressive Measures to Fight Global Warming

As founders of Civic Duty, Julian and Michael Omidi, global warming is already producing a measurable impact on our planet, commanding our immediate concern.  Last month, a new poll revealed that California voters strongly favor more aggressive measures to combat global warming. In particular, Californians show continuing support for the California Global Warming Solutions Act […]Read More >>

A Roof Over Their Heads:

Shelter’s Engage in Innovation to End Homelessness     In midst of the election cycle, we are used to hearing that voting is our most fundamental civic duty. At the same time, it’s important not to lose sight of other equally important civic duties. While some of them – paying taxes or doing jury duty […]Read More >>

Girl Scouts Kindness Helps Victim of Tragic House Fire

In today’s blog, Julian Omidi talks about a special Girl Scout Troop that went out of their way to help a woman who lost her home, and discusses how much these gestures can mean. It’s not every day you hear about children going out of their way to help adults. Children are typically the one […]Read More >>

Helping the Elderly This Winter

In today’s blog, Julian Omidi highlights a kind and noble gesture performed by the Greenfield Milwaukee Fire Department, and discusses the importance of helping those in need during bad winter weather. This past week brought massive amounts of snow to large parts of the country. Such conditions can be hazardous for drivers, but can be […]Read More >>

Football Star Vince Wilfork Exemplifies Civic Duty

In today’s blog, humanitarian Julian Omidi recognizes the heroics of star athlete Vince Wilfork, who rescued a woman from an automobile accident on his way home. In this day and age, many famous celebrities take their success and popularity for granted. Last week, however, Vince Wilfork, a star defensive tackle for the New England Patriots, proved that […]Read More >>

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