In Your Footsteps

This poem from Tony Haynes expresses the lasting impact of  Nelson Mandela and the effect he has had on the lives of us all by performing his civic duty.


North winds blow and

Each journey of a thousand miles

Leads you to take that first step

So you go

On faith and you hold on to the

Notion that you first kept


Maybe you can change the world

At least you have to try to follow your inspiration

No change ensues without a

Dream infused with strong determination

Every step

Leads to a stepping stone

And then you feel as if you’re out there all alone


Still you go on

On faith you take it to the next phase

Under assault from a nemesis

That finds a means to

Hurt you in direct ways


And as all eyes fall upon you

Fate gives an indication that it was worthwhile

Rejoice when you reach this destination

It’s the end of your journey of a thousand miles

Change will touch the world around you

At a time when heroes wander or they roam…


Many will follow in your footsteps

 Walk in faith & find their way back home

By Tony Haynes