Civic Duty Applauds the Efforts of Nafeer, a Volunteer Organization Helping Flood Victims in Sudan

(PRWEB) October 24, 2013

The Omidi brothers, cofounders of Civic Duty, salute the Nafeer volunteers for their humanitarian aid to the country of Sudan and the victims of recent floods. The United Nations described the situation in Sudan as a “huge disaster,” with the worst floods in 25 years.


(PRWEB) October 24,2013

The humanitarian group, Nafeer, is assisting victims of recent flooding in Sudan which has caused sweeping devastation with more than 70,000 homes destroyed, nearly half a million people homeless, and dozens killed. The cofounders of Civic Duty commend the young volunteers of this organization and encourage more people to embrace the notion of social responsibility.

“The Nafeer volunteers have responded admirably to the huge need in Sudan,” according to Dr. Michael Omidi, cofounder of Civic Duty. “The organization’s level of efficiency is remarkable; these young people have created a well-organized initiative that is succeeding in giving hundreds, maybe thousands of people hope when their entire lives have washed away.”

As recently reported in the New York Times story titled “As Floods Ravage Sudan, Young Volunteers Revive a Tradition of Aid” on August 29th 2013 (, the flooding in Sudan has raged for some time and the capital city of Khartoum has been especially affected because it sits in a shallow basin. The refugee camps in Darfur are overcome with mud and plagued with malaria and the Sudanese government is overwhelmed by requests for relief.

A “nafeer” is a Sudanese social tradition that comes from an Arabic word meaning “a call to mobilize.” Nafeer is a volunteer, youth-led initiative that responded swiftly to Sudan’s humanitarian crisis by organizing a taskforce of approximately 5,000 to deliver emergency supplies and food to people left stranded. Their call centers operate 24 hours per day. After receiving calls, Nafeer sends out assessment teams to evaluate the needs of different areas and the next day, a team goes back with whatever aid it can offer.

“On behalf of Civic Duty, I’d like to say how much we admire the efforts and resolve of this young team of humanitarians,” says Julian Omidi, Civic Duty cofounder.

Nafeer ( is a people to people initiative that seeks to help those affected by the floods and heavy rains in Sudan. Their activities include emergency assistance such as: surveying affected areas, providing temporary shelter, meeting immediate food needs, attending to medical emergencies, and providing medical services.

Civic Duty ( is dedicated to mankind’s search for meaning and promotes the values of its founders, philanthropists Julian Omidi and his brother Dr. Michael Omidi. The mission of the Omidi brothers charity is to inspire creative outreach, community service, and volunteerism through the stories of every-day people who are making an extraordinary difference in the world. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow men.” To get involved and help make a difference, send us a message using the website’s Contact Us function. More information about Civic Duty can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.


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Source: Civic Duty Applauds the Efforts of Nafeer, a Volunteer Organization Helping Flood Victims in Sudan