The Importance of After School Programs

After school programs help students learn new skills for their futures.

Julian Omidi, co-founder of, writes on the importance of after school programs throughout America.

After school programs are crucial for many students throughout the country. For parents who are unable to pick up their children, it provides a buffer to ensure their safety. For children, it offers a little extra time for them to socialize while being supervised. Today, let’s look at the importance of after school programs.

A Safe Environment

Unfortunately, many schools throughout the country are located in poor areas that have high rates of crime. Often times, after school programs are a safe-haven for these kids. Instead of having to go to their neighborhood unsupervised, where they may be influenced by gang activity and drugs, after school programs provide an opportunity for children to learn new skills.

Extended Academic Help

Many after school programs provide some form of tutoring for children. These resources can help students who are struggling to grasp material, as well as students who are looking to perfect their knowledge of a topic. This is great, especially for students whose parents may be busy working or those who are poorly educated.

A Chance to Socialize

Part of any child’s development is to learn how to properly socialize with peers their own age, as well as with adults. After school programs provide opportunities. Children can engage with other children while working on activities and homework.

Learn a Skill set

Depending on the program, depends on what set of skills a child can learn from an after school program. Sports teams allow children to learn physical fitness while working together in a team to accomplish goals. These are highly useful skills in the future, seeing how most companies have a team atmosphere trying to obtain annual goals. Other programs like music and art can help them develop more abstract skills useful for thinking and as a creative outlet.

Schools throughout the country have a civic duty to providing after school activities to their students. It is helpful to lower crime and better academic performance, providing many children with hope and benefits they may otherwise never have. Advocate for after school programs in your area, for the children.

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Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi is the co-founder of which advocates for a better nation through volunteering and participation.