Changing something bad into something good.

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Celebrating Good?

We are collecting stories that we believe are the embodiment of “doing something good.” These are stories about men and women or organizations that are active in their community or making an impact in foreign countries.

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We are looking for a few good men. Or women. Or even children. Is there someone in your world that is “making a difference” for others? It can be an individual or an organization; the impact can be local or global. We want to share the story in hopes of inspiring others to make time in their life to “do good” too. Tell us about him or her.


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Our Mission

Civic Duty was created by brothers Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi, MD to promote and celebrate people focused on affecting positive change in this world. This practice is commonly referred to as “making a difference” and readers of Yahoo defined this self-less lifestyle as:

  • Doing something to better another person’s life.
  • Affecting someone or something in a way they would not have been otherwise.
  • Helping another even in a small way. Knowing I made his/her life easier.
  • Changing something bad into something good.

The popular and inspirational author of Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom said …

About Us

Co-founders Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi, M.D. recently refocused their energies on philanthropic pursuits to aid the less fortunate in this world. Earlier this year, they founded the charity No More Poverty, an organization that seeks to end poverty at home and abroad.

Suggestions for like-minded, values-based charities that Civic Duty and the Omidis can support are appreciated. Please send your recommendations through the Civic Duty Facebook page or via the Contact Us function on this website.

Julian Omidi and Michael

Co-founders of many charities